Radcliffe School

Key Contacts

The Radcliffe School main entrance is situated off of the Aylesbury Street West gate.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by the school receptionist who will issue you with a vistors badge and inform the relevant parties of your arrival.

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Key Contacts

  1. Senior Leadership
  2. House Teams
  3. Sixth Form
  4. Core
  5. Languages
  6. Humanities
  7. ICT
  8. PE
  9. The Arts
  10. DT and Art
  11. Vocational

Nabil Chaaban, Headteacher - n.chaaban@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Rosy Lee, Deputy Headteacher - r.lee@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Paula Lawson, Deputy Headteacher - p.lawson@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Jason Falkner, Business Manager - j.falkner@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Stuart Liggins, Assistant Headteacher - s.liggins@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Phil Southwell, Assistant Headteacher - p.southwell@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Steve Truan, Assistant Headteacher - s.truan@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Chris Lee, Senior Leader - c.lee@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Claire Jones, Senior Leader - c.jones@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Tom Murphy, Senior Leader - t.murphy@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Will Jakeman, Senior Leader - w.jakeman@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Rebecca Chapman, Head of Sixth Form and Senior Leader - r.chapman@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Tim Hudson, Senior Leader - t.hudson@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Adrienne Day, Headteachers PA - a.day@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Click here to visit our dedicated page regarding our Governors

Melissa Girt, Head of Lee House - m.girt@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Johnny Austin, Head of McConnell House - j.austin@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Matt Lee, Head of Hayes House - m.lee@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Anton De Beer, Head of Cowper House - a.debeer@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Rebecca Chapman, Head of Sixth Form -r.chapman@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Craig Devaney, Deputy Head of Sixth Form -c.devaney@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Ali Husbands, Assistant Head of Sixth Form - a.husbands@radcliffeschool.org.uk

English: Ann-Marie Smith, Head of English - am.smith@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Maths: O'Neil Morrison, Head of Maths - o.morrison@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Science: Tom Murphy, Senior Leader - t.murphy@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Claire Jones, Senior Leader - c.jones@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Cathy Holoway, Head of Humanities - c.holoway@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Leon Pennicooke, Head of ICT - l.pennicooke@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Andy White, Head of Boys PE - a.white@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Kylie Johnson, Head of Girls PE - k.johnson@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Anna Varty, Head of Drama - a.varty@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Matthew Flitton, Head of Music - m.flitton@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Maaya Brooker, Head of Media - m.brooker@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Gary Spriggs, Head of Design Technology - g.spriggs@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Michelle Aylott, Head of Art - m.aylott@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Paul Deller, Business Teacher -p.deller@radcliffeschool.org.uk

Michele Rogers, Health and Social/Child development Teacher -m.rogers1@radcliffeschool.org.uk

The Radcliffe School

Reception: 01908 682 222

Attendance Office: 01908 682 278

Aylesbury Street West 


MK12 5BT 

Milton Keynes


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